Stories about the positive impact and outcomes from playing youth sports.

Our Every Kid Sports “sports equal…” blog will share stories of equality created through equal access to youth sports. 

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Why Bonnie supports Every Kid Sports:“I’ve done enough work in the youth health and wellness space to understand the over-arching impact of physical activity on children. It’s about so much more than obesity. Unfortunately, many schools across [...]

A Touchdown for Generosity

A Touchdown of Generosity: Every Kid Sports and the Denver Broncos Score Big for Sophia In the spirit of the holiday season, Every Kid Sports and the Denver Broncos teamed up to create a lasting memory for [...]

Celebrating Success: 2023 Accomplishments

Celebrating success: Every Kid Sports 2023 Achievements What a wild ride 2023 has been! We’re so grateful to our Every Kid Sports community for your support this year and we’re excited to share the 2023 achievements that [...]

Kendall Concert Series

Kendall Auto, Backyard Media, and Every Kid Sports work to reduce waste! This summer Every Kid Sports joined the Kendall Auto Group and Backyard Media for the 2023 Summer Concert Series with a unique approach in supporting [...]

2nd Annual Kendall Auto Soap Box Derby

Kendall Ford chooses Every Kid Sports as their nonprofit beneficiary! Kendall Auto hosted their 2nd annual Soapbox Derby at the River’s Edge Golf Course. 14 teams participated and showcased their creative designs, fun engineering, and team spirit [...]

Why Sports Matter to Me: Lisa Mauvais

What sports mean to me. Playing sports at a young age has taught me so many valuable life skills. I was raised by a single mother of five so I didn’t have a lot of parental supervision [...]

New Board Member: Chuck Morris, Ph.D.

New Board Member Announcement: Chuck Morris, Ph.D. “We’re honored to have Dr. Chuck join the Every Kid Sports board of directors,” said Arch Fuston, Board Chair of Every Kid Sports. “His vast understanding of the neurological, emotional, [...]

sports equal…expansion.

Why youth sports are important to meBy Ana Reynolds, DEI Success Manager, Every Kid Sports. Growing up, I had the opportunity to sample a lot of sports but curiously enough, I never felt like a sports-inclined person. [...]

sports equal…choice.

Why youth sports are important to meBy Arch Fuston, Board President, Every Kid Sports. Sport is one of the many constants we can have in our lives. It can be a refuge. It can be a social [...]

sports equal…social and communal impact

Why youth sports are important to meBy James Suri, Every Kid Sports. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have grown-up with the opportunity to play sports. In fact, I can attribute many of the successes I’ve had throughout [...]

sports equal…creativity

“Going viral.” The phrase is thrown around today from the boardrooms of fortune 500 companies to the bedrooms of aspiring teenagers. However big an individual or company’s aspiration to “go viral” may be, it’s ultimately dependent on [...]

sports equal…fighting for a cause

Supporting a cause is a reflection of one’s values. It provides an indication of an individual’s character and an insight into what drives that person. Getting behind a cause means making a calculated decision in which a [...]

sports equal…aligning people and purpose

Last spring, Lisa Lysell was watching her grandson, Xavier, play baseball and realized how much Xavier lit up when he played. “He is a born athlete and I love watching him play. That particular day, as I [...]

sports equal…highlights: eks champion Keagan Brown

Keagan Brown, age 14, is our youngest Champion at Every Kid Sports. Keagan is an up-and-coming motorcycle racer from Stokesdale, NC, who started racing at seven. He is now competing in national championships against adults, with the [...]

sports equal…writing contest winner

In November 2021, we kicked off a writing contest for parents who applied for the Every Kid Sports Pass. Parents were asked to share how sports have positively impacted their family, their kids and/or their community.  We [...]

sports equal…highlights: eks champion Sadie Maubet Bjornson

In a world that’s getting more competitive and demanding, Sadie Maubet Bjornsen fully believes in the healing power of being outside. “Being active outside, breathing fresh air, is a natural remedy to the anxiety that’s fueled by [...]

sports equal…highlights: eks champion Ashton Eaton

The progression of colored belts in martial arts represents the skills and accomplishments a student has achieved. For Ashton Eaton, an Every Kid Sports Champion, the belts motivated him when he was a kid participating in tae [...]

sports equal…highlights: eks champion Dylan Moore

Dylan Moore’s father had a gift for rallying kids and sparking a love for the sport of baseball. “He coached for years, and I am most proud of my dad’s ability to get kids excited about the [...]

sports equal…highlights: eks champion Colin McCarthy

Colin McCarthy has a nostalgic connection with golf. He can’t remember how young he was when he started playing the game with his grandfather, who was a golf pro and jack-of-all-trades, but a photo of Colin at [...]

sports equal…highlights: eks champion Reggie Rusk

The first time Reggie Rusk left his home state of Texas, he was 18 years old and on his way to play football for a junior college in California, where he experienced some of the best times [...]

sports equal…highlights: eks champion Molly Schaus

My parents have given me a lot of wonderful gifts throughout my lifetime. There was my childhood collection of beanie babies, my first set of hockey equipment, a trip to Space Camp (I was destined to be [...]

sports equal…highlights: eks champion Laurenne Ross

Laurenne Ross has a natural ability for speed.  At the age of 2, roped up to her dad, she was already on the ski slopes, starting her journey to become a 2x Olympic and World Cup skier [...]

sports equal…highlights: eks champion Andy Newell

“Success is not finite. It’s a series of failures that you experience as you move from Point A to Point B.” This is a mindset that Andy Newell, 4x Olympian and World Cup professional nordic skier, embraces [...]

sports equal…overcoming judgment

In 2018, the New York Times published an article titled “The Future of Football Has Flags.” In fact, flag football is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States, and girls are joining in on [...]

sports equal…hope

During the first wave of COVID, our team was concerned that potential sponsors and donors might be hesitant to invest in youth sports during a time when families were struggling with basic needs due to a loss [...]

sports equal…supporting kids choice

We are excited to introduce our newest board member and champion, Nick Swisher, former MLB ALL Star and World Series Champion. Nick’s enthusiasm and experience as an athlete, parent, and coach will bring a unique perspective to [...]

sports equal…lessons in diversity

Teandra Pitts, team manager and treasurer of the Pasadena Giants football league, is helping parents in her community apply for the Every Kid Sports Pass. Teandra takes her laptop to the park everyday to encourage families to [...]

sports equal…a game that gives back

Mia Parker picked up her first tennis racket when she was 5 or 6.  Her Dad, Lonnie, worked as a strength and conditioning coach at a country club, and he received free child care for his three [...]

sports equal…athlete empowerment

Brandon Wimbush, a former collegiate athlete who played football for both University of Notre Dame and University of Central Florida in Orlando, says he wouldn’t be where he is today if it weren’t for his participation in [...]

sports equal…seven sporty kids

Elissa Fernandez, mom of seven sporty kids. Elissa Fernandez didn’t play sports growing up, but she can see the impact that sports participation has had on her kids and fully supports the crazy schedule of having seven [...]

sports equal…advocacy

Dillon Shije, Advocate for Native American Health and Wellness Dillon Shije, professional runner, has fond memories of running and racing as a kid, growing up in Zia Pueblo Indian Reservation in rural New Mexico. “I wasn’t very [...]

sports equal…hard work on and off the field

Angelo and Gauge Orozco Early this year we held a writing contest and asked some kids to submit an essay about why they love sports. Angelo Orozco’s submission was one of our team favorites because he mentioned [...]

sports equal…success in leadership

Igniting leadership through charitability: Ignite Visibility. Every Kid Sports is thrilled to have been chosen as a beneficiary of Ignite Visibility’s Charitability Fund! Ignite Visibility, a premiere digital marketing agency, has made a generous $10,000 contribution towards [...]

sports equal…access to active experiences

Meet Erin Stender, Board Member of Every Kid Sports. Erin Stender’s earliest childhood memories revolve around being active. Rather than traditional sports, she spent her younger years horseback riding, rock climbing and white water rafting with her [...]

sports equal…skills that are applicable to a healthy life

Meet Gordon Heneweer, Board Member of Every Kid Sports. Gordon Heneweer, Board Member of Every Kid Sports, took some time to talk with us about his passion for sports and his experience playing sports as a kid. [...]

sports equal…a sense of normalcy.

A foster mom recognizes the power of sport. Spring Wurst and her husband have a household of eight kids, ranging from eight years old to 18 years old. When she found out about the Pass, she asked [...]

sports equal…learning to be a teammate.

Adalynn Brown: Learning to be a teammate Adalynn Brown, age 6, loves to watch football, especially when her favorite team, the 49ers, are playing. She makes up cheers to root them on while watching the games with [...]

sports equal…kindness.

Joe Mize: Influence through kindness Joseph Mize, a collegiate athlete, coach, sports fan, and advocate for youth sports had a significant impact on many of the young athletes he connected with throughout his life, as evident by [...]

sports equal…inspiration.

Christian Metzler, Every Kid Sports Champion Meet Christian Metzler, the latest Champion to join Every Kid Sports in ensuring every kid has a chance to play sports. Christian’s infectious enthusiasm for making a difference in this world [...]

sports equal…a commitment to simple solutions.

Brandon Moreno, Board member and fundraising expert at Snap! Raise Every Kid Sports is honored to have Brandon Moreno as a member of our board. He brings a wealth of experience in advocacy and outreach and has [...]

sports equal…smiles, safety, and sportsmanship.

Arin Finger: Smiles, safety, and sportsmanship Arin Finger was working in the film industry, hopping from one location to the next, when he decided it was time to put down roots for his young family. He put [...]

sports equal…determination.

Maria Contreras: Determination Maria Contreras loves to throw 3-pointers when she’s playing basketball with her boys. “I’m usually just “mom” to them but it’s fun to show them that side of me!” says Maria. Growing up in [...]

sports equal…giving an assist.

Dime Sports: Assisting sports participation by providing sports balls at a lower cost. Jeff Tiani was around 17 years old when he realized the powerful impact that playing sports had on his life, and he observed that [...]

sports equal…life-long learning.

SportsEdTV What to do with a kid (or adult) who wants to improve her/his skills but doesn’t have access to high-quality coaching? In this digital age, there is plenty of content available, but SportsEdTV not only provides [...]

sports equal…formative experiences.

Thoughts from our Board President, Arch Fuston What inspires you to work for Every Kid Sports? My relationship with Every Kid Sports spans well over a decade. The organization was the chosen non-profit for the corporate wellness [...]

sports equal…equity.

A young man’s drive to make youth sports affordable. Elite Sports Academy (ESA) in Portland, Oregon, is a summer program that provides kids an opportunity to learn and engage in multiple sports while also providing a safe [...]

sports equal…collective giving.

A tribute to Justice Ginsburg A few weeks ago, we noticed some donations trickling in for the curious amount of $27.00, in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Over the next few days, we had more $27.00 donations [...]

sports equal…an inclination to give.

A 15-year-old shares his enthusiasm for sports Brady Gilroy’s first word was “ball.” At 18 months, he was hitting a ball off a tee. For his 15th birthday, he requested a donation to Every Kid Sports, to [...]

sports equal…a growth mindset.

Sports Equals a Growth Mindset: Cascade Elite Cheer The athletes that participate in programs offered by Cascade Elite Cheer learn more than how to tumble and perform stunts. “Our mission is to make sure the kids understand [...]

sports equal…confidence.

Sports Equals Confidence: A coach making play possible The entire team at Every Kid Sports gets excited when we hear about clubs and coaches that do everything in their power to ensure that kids are getting a [...]

sports equal…compassion.

Sports Equals Compassion: A young donor gives back It’s pretty amazing when a kid goes out of their way to help another kid, and we were so thrilled when we received a large donation from a 13-year-old [...]

sports equal…opportunity.

A mom’s advocacy, a daughter’s transformation. We recently connected with Pua Simi, mother of three, team manager of her kids’ rugby club, and an advocate for youth sports. Pua has witnessed the opportunities that sports participation provides, [...]

sports equal…inclusion.

Sports Equals Inclusion: the Vamos Outdoors Project The benefits of getting kids outdoors to experience nature and adventure are numerous, however significant race and class-based inequalities affect access. The team at Vamos Outdoor Project (VOP), has a [...]