sports equal…highlights: eks champion Dylan Moore

Dylan Moore’s father had a gift for rallying kids and sparking a love for the sport of baseball. “He coached for years, and I am most proud of my dad’s ability to get kids excited about the game while making sure they had fun. Kids would show up for practice who wasn’t really into baseball, but by the end of the season, they were so enthusiastic and really made improvements. It was all because of my dad’s energy and commitment to making sure the kids had a good time.”

Baseball was the center of the Moore family’s life; Dylan watched his sisters play softball before he was old enough to join, and his dad coached Little League all throughout Dylan’s childhood.  At a young age, Dylan was entranced with the game. “Now that I’m a parent, I was curious about my interest in sports as a young age, and recently asked my dad about that. He said that even at the age of 3 or 4, I would intently watch baseball, seemingly trying to really understand the game.” 

Now an infielder for the Seattle Mariners, Dylan can’t imagine what life would have been like without the experience of playing Little League as a kid. “I grew up in Southern California and pretty much had the ability to play any sport. I didn’t truly understand that everyone didn’t have the same opportunities until I moved from home to college and met people from a wide variety of backgrounds.” Recently, when Dylan read the startling statistics about the lack of access to sports that many kids experience, he joined Every Kid Sports as a Champion. “It doesn’t matter what sport a kid wants to play, they should have the ability to choose what they enjoy and have the ability to participate. There are so many benefits that come from playing sports, and kids should be able to experience that impact.”

“My dad used to cry at the end of the season when he handed out awards to players. I didn’t get it then,but I understand now how meaningful it is to watch a kid grow and succeed.”

What impact did sports have on Dylan beyond the field? “I would say that the discipline I learned through sports has impacted me as an athlete, but in other areas as well. Having a daily routine, showing up on time, and honoring commitments lead to success in all areas of life.” As a parent, Dylan enjoys instilling that sense of routine with his four-year-old daughter. “I enjoy waking up with her, helping her get ready for school, and taking on the day.” As well, learning to deal with the experience of failure that baseball readily provides has impacted his parenting style. “I think my experience in baseball has given me the patience to watch my kids fail and figure out something on their own. I could easily step in and help them avoid failure, but I understand the value of that failure experience.”

Dylan appreciates the bond that he and his father forged through baseball, and can now relate to his dad’s pride in the players. “My dad used to cry at the end of the season when he handed out awards to players. I didn’t get it then, but I understand now how meaningful it is to watch a kid grow and succeed. I understand how proud he was of those kids, and I want all kids to have the ability to have that experience.”


Thanks for sharing your story, Dylan. We are excited to have you as a Champion!

– Every Kid Sports