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sports equal…aligning people and purpose

Last spring, Lisa Lysell was watching her grandson, Xavier, play baseball and realized how much Xavier lit up when he played. “He is a born athlete and I love watching him play. That particular day, as I watched him, I started wondering what his life would be like if he couldn’t play sports, how his […]

sports equal…highlights: eks champion Keagan Brown

Keagan Brown, age 14, is our youngest Champion at Every Kid Sports. Keagan is an up-and-coming motorcycle racer from Stokesdale, NC, who started racing at seven. He is now competing in national championships against adults, with the goal of racing professionally. Keagan’s career started in his garage, tinkering with bikes with his dad. “I was […]

sports equal…writing contest winner

In November 2021, we kicked off a writing contest for parents who applied for the Every Kid Sports Pass. Parents were asked to share how sports have positively impacted their family, their kids and/or their community.  We received over 35 inspirational stories that amplify the power of sports, and we are pleased to share the […]

sports equal…highlights: eks champion Sadie Maubet Bjornson

In a world that’s getting more competitive and demanding, Sadie Maubet Bjornsen fully believes in the healing power of being outside. “Being active outside, breathing fresh air, is a natural remedy to the anxiety that’s fueled by our fast-paced lives. It has a tremendous impact on our brains.” Sadie grew up in the Methow Valley, […]

sports equal…highlights: eks champion Ashton Eaton

The progression of colored belts in martial arts represents the skills and accomplishments a student has achieved. For Ashton Eaton, an Every Kid Sports Champion, the belts motivated him when he was a kid participating in tae kwon do. “Every time you unlocked a new color, you had new material to tackle, new skills to […]

sports equal…highlights: eks champion Dylan Moore

Dylan Moore’s father had a gift for rallying kids and sparking a love for the sport of baseball. “He coached for years, and I am most proud of my dad’s ability to get kids excited about the game while making sure they had fun. Kids would show up for practice who wasn’t really into baseball, […]

sports equal…highlights: eks champion Colin McCarthy

Colin McCarthy has a nostalgic connection with golf. He can’t remember how young he was when he started playing the game with his grandfather, who was a golf pro and jack-of-all-trades, but a photo of Colin at the age of one, carrying around a club and a golf ball, testifies that he was fascinated with […]

sports equal…highlights: eks champion Molly Schaus

My parents have given me a lot of wonderful gifts throughout my lifetime. There was my childhood collection of beanie babies, my first set of hockey equipment, a trip to Space Camp (I was destined to be an Astronaut in 6th grade!) and most importantly, the encouragement and support to pursue my dreams. However, looking back […]