We provide grants to cover youth sports registration fees.

We find and facilitate the funding that helps kids from income-restricted families participate in youth sports so they, too, can experience the positive benefits of playing.

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Our goal is to help 10,000 kids. Together, we’ll get there.

10,000 kids = $1,500,000

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Equity’s in play.

We seek to ensure every kid is exposed to the pro-social behaviors learned through youth sports,the responsibility and commitment cultivated through their involvement, and the practicing of theirindividual emotional playbook through playing.

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Is development, inclusion and fun still at the heart of youth sports? | Op-Ed
by Natalie Hummel, Every Kid Sports Executive Director

As a society, we often hear about the importance of youth sports and the role they play in helping children develop important life skills. In recent years, the focus has shifted away from youth development and toward a singular focus on creating the next professional athlete.

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About Every Kid Sports.

Every Kid Sports is a national 501(c)(3) and GuideStar Platinum Transparency-awarded nonprofit organization that has worked since 2009 to level the “paying field” in youth sports by removing the financial barriers that often prevent children from participation. Every Kid Sports has helped more than 150,000 kids across the country, and has been recognized by The Aspen Institute as a Project Play Champion, as well as a recipient of the Institute’s Beyond Sports Collective Impact Award for Reduced Inequalities. 80¢ of every dollar given goes directly towards paying youth sports registration fees for income-restricted families.