Our board of directors. 

The Every Kid Sports board consists of industry leaders in sports broadcast journalism, the non-profit industry, executive-level finance and marketing, and leadership coaching. As important, each of our board members are active participants in sport. As former college athletes and current weekly warriors, our board members not only talk the talk, they swim, bike, run, lift, kick, and serve it, too.

Arch Fuston | Board Chair

Arch Fuston contributes to life as a personal development coach and youth sports advocate.  Arch’s connection to Every Kids Sports spans over a decade. Earlier in his career he served as the employee engagement director for the global organization, ACTIVE Network. Arch aligned their in-house wellness program, ACTIVEx, with Every Kid Sports as their preferred charity, they raising over $500,000 through their ACTIVEx Charity Challenge program.   

Arch is a former high school QB, a collegiate volleyball player, IRONMAN triathlete, and avid mountain biker. He lives is San Diego and constantly explores life both inside and out. https://archfuston.com 

Bonnie Bernstein | Board Vice President

Bonnie is recognized by the American Sportscasters Association as one of the most accomplished female journalists in her field. Bernstein is the founder of Walk Swiftly Productions, her latest endeavor in a career that has spanned nearly two decades on-air with ESPN and CBS, covering the NFL, NBA, MLB and college football and basketball.

Why Every Kid Sports?

“I’ve done enough work in the youth health and wellness space to understand the over-arching impact of physical activity on children. It’s about so much more than obesity. Unfortunately, many schools across America lack funding for sports programming and many struggling families can’t cover team registration fees. That’s where Every Kid Sports can help, and I’m honored to align with people who are genuinely committed to making a difference.”

A favorite sports memory as a kid

“One of my favorite memories as an athlete growing up has nothing to do with actual competition, per se. When I was little, my dad would give me these adorable good luck notes before my gymnastics meets. They featured his signature, hand-drawn little stick figures (with ponytails!) of me nailing my routines on the various events. I always loved them… they enforced the images I needed to mentally envision to succeed. Nothing quite like something that’s homemade and from the heart to offer a little extra motivation and inspiration!”

Jenn Brown | Board Member

Jenn is a two-time Emmy Award winning sports broadcaster, mother of two boys, wife and entrepreneur. She is best known as the first female correspondent for Inside the NFL, a former host & reporter for ESPN, host of American Ninja Warrior and currently covering Bellator MMA. Health, Motherhood, Technology and Lifestyle obsessed – Jenn will show you the most efficient way of getting the job done well.

Why Every Kid Sports?

“Playing sports has shaped every aspect of who I am today. I cannot imagine where I would be without it. Every kid deserves that same chance to play.”

Gordon Heneweer | Board Member

Gordon is an accomplished and results-oriented financial executive. His excellent business acumen and proven track record of achievement and performance in the areas of corporate and operational finance functions keep our financials fit.Gordon brings with him a love of sports of all kinds and a passion for creating the level playing field so every kid gets their chance to play.

Why Every Kid Sports?

“I learned numerous life lessons through my participation in youth sports. These experiences have been invaluable and shaped my life in a very positive way. All youth should have the opportunity to be active in sports programs regardless of income.”

A favorite sports memory as a kid:“While I was very active in organized youth sports programs, my favorite memory is playing endless pickup games (basketball, baseball, soccer, etc.) at the local sports park. On the way home, the losing teams always bought a 7-11 slurpy for the winners.”

Erin Stender | Board Member

Erin is a brilliant marketing executive with roles at ACTIVE Network, Evernote, Classy, and Bodybuilding.com. She brings a purposeful passion for sport and the opportunities it creates. Her motivation to work with Every Kid Sports is to make a positive impact on the next generation by giving them the chance to play and have fun.

Why Every Kid Sports?

“Our time may be finite, but our impact doesn’t have to be. I believe wholeheartedly in the opportunities, lessons learned, and skills gained through physical activity and believe Every Kid Sports has the potential to create a lifelong impact on the future leaders of our world.”

A favorite sports memory as a kid

“When I think about my favorite childhood sports memories, I am lucky to have many come to mind. From tennis lessons with my grandfather, to long days at diving and swim meets, to hot, weekend-long tournaments of soccer, softball and field hockey, and to summer camps filled with horseback riding, whitewater rafting, and rock climbing. My youth is filled with sports memories that shaped me into the athlete I am today.”

Betsy Butterick | Board Secretary

Betsy  a coach and communication specialist. She works with individuals ready to improve and teams of all kinds ~ from the locker room to the boardroom. A former collegiate basketball player, Betsy thrives on creating opportunities that level the playing field.

Why Every Kid Sports?

“I can’t imagine my life without sports and hold immense gratitude for the gifts a sporting experience gives young people as they grow and develop. And while I can’t imagine my life without sports, I have a very real understanding of financial scarcity and the limitations it imposes on an individuals opportunities. Kids were meant to play – we all are – and helping Every Kid Sports remove financial barriers and gift kids access to experiences that will change their lives warms my heart.”

A favorite sports memory as a kid

“My first glove was my mom’s old softball glove from high school. The leather was faded and worn, but it had character. In High School my mom had written the names of guys she dated inside the pocket of the glove, and I loved the fact that of the few names in there, my dad’s name (Jeff) was written several times. Mom & Dad met in High School, got married when they were 19 and 20, and have been each other’s best friends ever since.”

Nick Swisher | Board Member

Nick Swisher is a former MLB All Star and World Series champion. An Ohio State product, he was a power hitter with excellent plate discipline, Swisher hit at least 20 home runs in nine consecutive seasons from 2005 to 2013. Both an outfielder and first baseman, Swisher was known for his switch hitting as well as the way he played the game. His impressive career saw him play for the Oakland Athletics, Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians and Atlanta Braves. He is currently an analyst for both FOX Baseball on FS1 and CBS, in addition to being special advisor to Brian Cashman at the New York Yankees, where he is still heavily involved in developing the next generation of All Stars.

Why Every Kid Sports?
“I am pumped to be a board member with Every Kid Sports. I am humbled to share my experiences and hopefully motivate kids to find the best parts of themselves and earn the rewards of discipline and hard work that being an athlete provides. Coming from humble beginnings in West Virginia, I know first hand the possibilities and world that opens up through athletics. I am inspired to elevate and guide a kid’s determination and talent to help them see how this can benefit not just their game, but the entirety of their life beyond sports. I myself am energized by the mission of Every Kid Sport and excited to pay forward my love of the game and all of the valuable insight I have gained over my lifetime.”