Apply today for the Every Kid Sports Pass – a youth sports grant to help cover registration fees.

Does your child qualify?

Your child is currently enrolled in Medicaid,

Your child is between the ages of 4-18.

The sport you are applying for is recreational,
not elite or travel.

The sports season lasts at least 4 weeks.

For your kids to receive funding to help pay their youth sports registration fees, they must meet the above requirements. Please find an example of the type of documentation you will need to upload to the application here. For other questions regarding our qualification process please visit our help center.

How to apply for the Every Kid Sports Pass.

Use this video to guide you through your application. It will also provide you with a better understanding of
our application and approval process.

Our process:

After you’ve checked your eligibility for the Every Kid Sports Pass, carefully apply and submit an application. Within 7 business days, our team will let you know if your application has been approved. This communication will be sent to the email used in your application. The approval email will provide instructions on how to access your funds, exclusively through the Chek™ mobile app. Please know, Every Kid Sports does not pay 100% of your registration fee. We require families to pay at least $10 towards the registration fee. Once you access your funds, use them to help pay your youth sports registration fees!

We have reached our Fall 2022 Pass application goal of providing financial assistance for 9,000 kids!

However, we do have funding available in specific markets and sports thanks to some of our regional sponsors.

Click on the apply button to see if you are eligible.


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