How to apply for the Every Kid Sports Pass

We highly recommend watching this how-to video to ensure a smooth application process. 

Apply today for the Every Kid Sports Pass – a youth sports grant
to help cover registration fees.

Does your child qualify?

For your child to take advantage of the Every Kid Sports Pass, they must meet these requirements:

Proof the child is currently receivingMedicaid benefits, SNAP or WIC.

Provide a document, letter, screenshot, or image that shows the following:

  • The child’s name
  • The child is actively enrolled showing dates within 12 monthsof the current date

Physical cards for Medicaid, SNAP or WIC that do not provide current dates and the child’s name will not be approved.

Age 4 – 18.

The child must be between the ages of 4 – 18 year old.

Recreational sports only;
no elite or travel teams.

Only recreation-level youth sports will be approved.

Club, Elite, Select, Travel, Tournament, Semi-pro are not eligible. individual training and/or programs that cost more than $500 will not be approved.

Requests for equipment and/or travel will be declined.

Season is at least 4 weeks in duration.

Programs that are less than 4 weeks long do not qualify. Camps, personal training, tournaments, gym memberships, or performance training do not qualify.

How payment works:

You’ll be issued a Chek™ VISA debit card.

Upon approval, you’ll be issued a Chek™ digital VISA debit card to pay up to $150 towards your child’s youth sports registration fees.

Parents are required to pay $10 of the registration fee.

The family is required to pay at least $10 towards each child’s registration fees. Your league will need to be able to take two payments at your registration.

Every Kid Sports awards up to $150 towards registration fees, only.

Can your league process your VISA card.

If you don’t know, ask your league if they are able to:

  1. Charge a split payment
  2. Create a payment plan you can use two cards with
  3. Allow you to pay in two installments
  4. Have a league or team account with PayPal or Square to take the payment

Note: Venmo, Cash App, Xoom, and Zelle are not approved platforms for payment.

What is Chek™?

Chek Spend is the financial institution that will be funding each VISA card and monitoring that the card is only used at the youth sports organization listed in your application. Like any other VISA card, you will only be approved to spend what has been awarded to the card.

Attempts to use the card at any location other than the one specified in the application will result in a declined application.

Applications take 5-7 business days to be reviewed.

Your Chek™ VISA card will take 3-4 business days to be funded


Additional questions?

We highly recommend reading through the FAQ to ensure your application is approved the first time.


You’re ready to apply!

Every Kid Sports aims to approve all qualified kids to play! We want to get your kid playing this season and every season. Help us help you by reading through the FAQ so your application can be approved the first time.


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