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sports equal…skills that are applicable to a healthy life

Meet Gordon Heneweer, Board Member of Every Kid Sports. Gordon Heneweer, Board Member of Every Kid Sports, took some time to talk with us about his passion for sports and his experience playing sports as a kid. “It was simple then. A dozen buddies from the neighborhood would ride bikes to the park, and we […]

sports equal…access to active experiences

Meet Erin Stender, Board Member of Every Kid Sports. Erin Stender’s earliest childhood memories revolve around being active. Rather than traditional sports, she spent her younger years horseback riding, rock climbing and white water rafting with her family. When she topped out at 5’9” in 6th grade, her parents suggested she use her height to […]

sports equal…learning to be a teammate.

Adalynn Brown: Learning to be a teammate Adalynn Brown, age 6, loves to watch football, especially when her favorite team, the 49ers, are playing. She makes up cheers to root them on while watching the games with her grandfather who she calls Pepaw. Adalynn is in kindergarten and will be starting her third season of […]

sports equal…kindness.

Joe Mize: Influence through kindness Joseph Mize, a collegiate athlete, coach, sports fan, and advocate for youth sports had a significant impact on many of the young athletes he connected with throughout his life, as evident by the letters his wife, Maura has received since his passing. “I have received beautiful messages from people all […]

sports equal…inspiration.

Christian Metzler, Every Kid Sports Champion Meet Christian Metzler, the latest Champion to join Every Kid Sports in ensuring every kid has a chance to play sports. Christian’s infectious enthusiasm for making a difference in this world is readily present in this twenty-seven-year-old; he is a role model and leader who is fostering equity and […]

sports equal…a commitment to simple solutions.

Brandon Moreno, Board member and fundraising expert at Snap! Raise Every Kid Sports is honored to have Brandon Moreno as a member of our board. He brings a wealth of experience in advocacy and outreach and has worked with both professional and student-athletes through his work at the San Francisco 49ers and Snap! Raise. Brandon’s […]

sports equal…determination.

Maria Contreras: Determination Maria Contreras loves to throw 3-pointers when she’s playing basketball with her boys. “I’m usually just “mom” to them but it’s fun to show them that side of me!” says Maria. Growing up in Glendale, AZ, in one of the more violent-prone neighborhoods, Maria turned to sports in junior high school and […]

sports equal…giving an assist.

Dime Sports: Assisting sports participation by providing sports balls at a lower cost. Jeff Tiani was around 17 years old when he realized the powerful impact that playing sports had on his life, and he observed that the kids who didn’t play sports lacked some of the traits he was realizing through sport. “Playing sports […]