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Step 1 –  Awareness

Cost is the #1 barrier keeping kids from playing youth sports.

Decide to help, be creative about raising money, and click the “start your campaign” button. Choose a name, upload a picture, and tell your story. That’s it!

Step 2 –  Action

Ask people to donate so more kids can use the Every Kid Sports Pass to pay sports registration fees.

Share your unique text-to-donate code and campaign link with as many people as possible. Ask your friends to do the same. Watch the donations add up!

Step 3 –  Impact

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You’ll help leagues, teams, families, and players thrive. Together, we’ll reach the goal of getting 100,000 more kids playing youth sports.

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Need a Gameplan?

These are a few campaigns that hit a homerun!


Asked for donations from friends and family instead of gifts for his bar mitzvah.

Inspired people to get 150 kids playing.

Hinkson Family

Started a memorial to honor their son. He loved coaching youth sports and his infectious personality and smile impacted everyone.

In loving memory 49 more kids are playing. 

The Marathon Ump

Troy is pursuing his childhood dream of becoming a MLB umpire. He runs ultra marathons to “keep moving forward”. 

Running so 10 kids and counting are playing. 

What will you do!

Contact Bryce if you have questions or need help with your campaign! 

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