sports equal…inspiration.

Christian Metzler, Every Kid Sports Champion

Meet Christian Metzler, the latest Champion to join Every Kid Sports in ensuring every kid has a chance to play sports. Christian’s infectious enthusiasm for making a difference in this world is readily present in this twenty-seven-year-old; he is a role model and leader who is fostering equity and getting others involved along the way.

We first met Christian when he won the Inspireum Soccer Award for displaying incredible character and courage and serving as an inspiration to his teammates, peers, and communities. His high school soccer coach nominated him for the scholarship, and after a lengthy award process, he was named as the national award winner in 2011. Christian’s story of inspiration started when he was born without a right foot, and continues today in his work with the Challenged Athlete Foundation and now, Every Kid Sports.

He attributes his success to his parents, who pushed him at a young age to get out in the world and not “let my physical disability become a disability to leading an active life” says Christian. He had a successful high school soccer experience, becoming the team captain and inspiring many along the way. Post high school, he attended Notre Dame and stayed active in intramural sports including soccer, football, and basketball. It was not until after graduating and entering the workforce did he realize how much he missed the structure that sports brought to his life.

“…not let my physical disability become a disability to leading an active life”

“I decided I wanted to run a triathlon and asked my Dad to join me. He wasn’t super excited about the idea but he rallied and said ‘well you are going to need a bike.’  And that’s how I got involved with the Challenged Athletes Foundation. They supported me and I have been involved with that organization to this day.” Since that first race, Christian has completed five triathlons and now has a goal to finish a 70.3 Ironman triathlon in 2021.


And, he wants to continue supporting others who may need some extra help in staying active.  Whether it’s helping someone overcome a physical disability or financial disability, Christian is dedicated to ensuring everyone has access and serving as an example to others. “I definitely don’t want to look back and think my work stopped when I turned 18 and won the Inspireum Award; I want to be doing this type of work when I’m 80/90. I see this work lasting a lifetime.”

 He recognizes that many of his peers, both friends and co-workers, are looking for ways to give back, and he enjoys providing those opportunities. He will invite them along to events to raise their awareness and engage them in fundraising. “I find many individuals my age are looking for ways to help in their communities but do not always know where to focus their efforts. By bringing them along to events, they learn about the issues I am addressing and are more apt to get involved and advocate for others.”

We are very excited to have Christian join in amplifying our impact and strengthening our voice. Thank you for your work, Christian, and thank you for being you!

– The Every Kid Sports team