2nd Annual Kendall Auto Soap Box Derby

Kendall Ford chooses Every Kid Sports as their nonprofit beneficiary!

Kendall Auto hosted their 2nd annual Soapbox Derby at the River’s Edge Golf Course. 14 teams participated and showcased their creative designs, fun engineering, and team spirit in the form of handcrafted soapbox cars. Each car is handcrafted, custom designed, and thoughtfully engineered then placed on display for the community to admire, take pictures with, and vote for “Favorite Car.” Following the pre-show, it was  time to race; down the twisted course testing both drivers and cars.

Each team  must chose a nonprofit as their beneficiary for the top placed finishers and “Favorite Car,” to split the prize money with their beneficiary.

Every Kid Sports was chosen by the Kendall Ford group. Every Kid Sports is a locally grown nonprofit supporting kids in need  to have a more equitable opportunity to play youth sports. Every Kid Sports provides kids ages 4-18 years old sports scholarships up to $150 to pay registration fees, so every kid has the opportunity to play.  To date Every Kid Sports has provided more than 150,000 scholarships, providing low-income kids the opportunity to play. If you would like to support Every Kid Sports, click here

Peach’s Posse presented by Kendall Ford


The team showed ready to compete with a Mario Kart theme featuring Princess Peach! The design was a red Mario Kart fixed with red “life balloons,” turtle shells to throw, and  full team support; Princess Peach (of course), Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, and team leader Andy.

Peach’s Posse successfully took to the course on a test run and successfully ran the full course for time, others were less fortunate. With 9 of the 14 teams successfully completing the test run.

Time to race!

Time for the first heat and clock in the official times. Peach’s Posse came to the start line, ready to race, excited, and amping up the crowd. Great start off the line, skillfully maneuvering through the hay bale obstacles, twisting through the course, and then the big hoorah! Time to jump the ramp!

The crowd is anticipating the jump as Peach’s Posse is on the path to  lift-off, up the ramp and off the jump! Then down, down, down for a hard landing. The Kart sustained heavy damaged. Breaks are gone! Peach’s Posse Kart is roaring down the straight to the finish line, no breaks and coming in fast! With quick thinking the driver uses his shoe soles to slow and eventually stop the runaway Kart.


Hitting the Jump!







No turning Back…






Stick the Landing!?







Is Everyone Okay?



As the team runs to meet at the finish line and assess the damage, it is not just the breaks that are gone, the metal frame is in two pieces. The racing is over for team, Peach’s Posse. 

The racing may be over for Peach’s Posse but the day isn’t.

Peach’s Posse win’s the title for Favorite Car! 

Team Peach’s Posse win’s the title for “Favorite Car,”  and prize of $500, sponsored by Mission Linen Supply. Every Kid Sports graciously thank’s Peach’s Posse (Kendall Ford) for choosing our organization as your honored beneficiary. Your team at Kendall Ford is top notch, you showed up, ran your own race, had fun, and came in style, ! We share these  values as youth sports are a way for kids to learn, express, and build these values when they have the opportunity to participate. Thank you and the entire team and Kendall Ford, we hope to see everyone again for the next year! Thank you Kendall Auto Group for a fun event!

If you would like to give to the efforts of fundraising on behalf of Kendall Ford and  team Peach’s Posse, use the link provide below. 


Thank you Kendall Auto for a fun day racing!