Thriving through sports: Shadai’s story

Thriving through sports:
Shadai’s story

Meet Shadai Peterson, a 10-year-old from Kissimmee, FL, whose life has been positively transformed through her involvement in sports. Shadai’s mother, Samary, shares how participating in athletics has instilled healthy habits, boosted her confidence, and developed essential social skills.

Unforgettable Moments on the Field

Shadai’s competitive spirit shines brightly, especially in flag football. “I will never forget the time she scored 3 touchdowns back-to-back against all the boys,” Samary recalls with pride. “She enjoyed it so much, and it also boosted her confidence to know that she can do it.” This memorable achievement on the field exemplifies Shadai’s determination and ability to excel in a competitive environment.
Beyond football, Shadai also demonstrates her athletic prowess in gymnastics. Her love for competition drives her to constantly improve and strive for excellence. Being part of a team in gymnastics has taught her responsibility and accountability, keeping her motivated to reach new heights.
Shadai is excited to continue learning new skills this season, eager to expand her athletic abilities. Her mother dreams of seeing her daughter reach the Olympics or achieve something equally remarkable. “She is so competitive and good at everything she tries. She’s very strong physically and mentally,” Samary shares.

“She enjoyed it so much, and it also boosted her confidence to know that she can do it.”


Grateful for the Journey

The impact of sports on Shadai’s life is profound, providing her with a platform to grow, learn, and thrive. The values and skills she has gained will undoubtedly continue to shape her future, driving her toward success.
Shadai’s story is a testament to the power of sports in developing strong, confident, and capable young individuals. Every Kid Sports is proud to support athletes like Shadai, helping them reach their full potential and chase their dreams.

Join us in supporting more kids like Shadai.
Marcus’s journey is a testament to the power of sports in shaping young lives and helping children reach their full potential. At Every Kid Sports, we are committed to making sports accessible to all children, providing them with the resources they need to thrive.

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