New Board Member: Chuck Morris, Ph.D.

New Board Member Announcement: Chuck Morris, Ph.D.

“We’re honored to have Dr. Chuck join the Every Kid Sports board of directors,” said Arch Fuston, Board Chair of Every Kid Sports. “His vast understanding of the neurological, emotional, and physical impact of sports participation on kids helps deepen our message around the critical nature of youth sports equity. Not only is he a wealth of knowledge, but more importantly, he is rich in character. We’re fortunate that Dr. Chuck chose Every Kid Sports to share his time and talents.”
Dr. Chuck is a scientist, and his laboratory involves a rare commitment to care and devotion to the hearts, minds, and lives of thousands of people around the world. Dr. Chuck, as he is commonly referred to, or Coach Chuck to some, has impacted a global range of clients across all social, economic, and cultural experiences. 
His impressive resume includes a clientele that spans multiple generations, professions, and personal lifestyles, including several Super Bowl champions, an Olympic Gold Medalist, C-Suite executives, ultra-high net worth individuals, single and stay at home parents, and collegiate and high school athletes. The common denominator for all who seek his services, expertise, and guidance is a desire to become a better person. Dr. Chuck believes that this is part of the connected human experience. We all strive to live well (with self and others), live strong (establishing a sound foundation for self and community), live long (growing in how one sees themselves and one’s experience in the world), and finally to leave a legacy (leaving it better than the way we found it, providing the tools for others to go even further.)

“His vast understanding of the neurological, emotional, and physical impact of sports participation on kids helps deepen our message around the critical nature of youth sports equity.”

Dr. Chuck is the Founder of Fulcrum Performance, a life science company whose mission is to evolve health and human performance for all. He is also the CEO of the NFL Alumni Performance Lab, whose mission is bridging the gap between the boardroom and the locker room and to evolve the term sports performance to include the game of life. He has used these platforms to impact the lives of countless people and households globally.
Dr. Chuck has been a wellness and performance coach, (full-time), for almost three decades. In that time, he has been featured in multiple magazines, newspapers, and on television. Dr. Chuck has proclaimed publicly that one of his greatest honors was being named the Health Coach of the entire City of Philadelphia, PA.  Dr Chuck has shared: “As a young man who grew up in Philadelphia and experienced many traumatic and in some instances, unthinkable situations and circumstances, I’ve maintained an amazing sense of love and belonging in my neighborhood. To be named the Health Coach of the city was a moment that profoundly changed me.”
And finally, Dr. Chuck is Summer’s loving husband and the adoring father of Chuck, Jemel, Samaya, Summerlyn, and Siera and the proud grandfather to Samad.
Why Every Kid Sports?
“Over the past three decades, I have worked full-time in the area of advancing human performance and health. Helping thousands of people and elite athletes to include Olympic gold medals, Superbowl champions and MVP’s. So, I know first-hand what it takes to succeed at the top 1% in sports. I also know the great benefit that ALL can gain to help them become the top 1% in the game of Life, just from playing organized sports. Every Kids Sports mission to help every kid gain the benefits of playing sports is a simple but impactful mission.”
A favorite sports memory as a kid
“Although it was a new and unusual experience, spending the summer with a relative and attending a tennis summer camp that his parents had signed him up for was the best thing that happened to me. I worked hard and by the end of the camp, I had earned a spot on their state team. It was an incredible feeling and my mother was extremely proud of me. However, I was unable to participate in team matches as the student van that picked up all the kids refused to come to my neighborhood.”
Welcome, Dr. Chuck. We’re excited to fulfill this mission, together!