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Brandon Wimbush, a former collegiate athlete who played football for both University of Notre Dame and University of Central Florida in Orlando, says he wouldn’t be where he is today if it weren’t for his participation in youth sports and his supporting cast.

“I am from a single parent home, and throughout my life, I have been fortunate to have support from more than just my immediate family. We grew up in Teaneck New Jersey – a small and tight knit community where everyone knew and supported one another.

One of my many coaches, who later became my godfather, was one of the many individuals who enabled my youth sports career by assisting with payments for things like travel, gear, registration and much more. It wasn’t until my 8th grade year when I seriously transitioned to football and after a couple of conversations with my high school athletic director and head coach, I knew my scholarship opportunities were going to come from football. I wouldn’t be here without the village and the people who cared for me along the way.”


Now CEO and co-founder of MOGL, Brandon is using his experiences to impact collegiate athletes, as well as the youth sports community that supported him.  MOGL is a platform that allows current and former collegiate athletes to connect to brands and businesses for marketing and other monetization opportunities.

“When I played for Notre Dame, I would say that 90% of the kids in the locker room were from families with limited income. Being able to monetize our talent would have been extremely helpful during that time.”

MOGL empowers athletes by giving them the ability to connect with businesses who are interested in working with and compensating the athlete on marketing campaigns and other engagement opportunities. “Many athletes are foregoing college or leaving college early to go pro because they need to make money. By giving them these revenue opportunities, our hope is that athletes will choose a college education before going pro.”

I wouldn’t be here without the village and the people
who cared for me along the way.”

And because Brandon and his co-founder, Ayden Syal, are both passionate about giving back, they plan to donate a portion of their proceeds to Every Kid Sports.

“Our goal is to support youth sports, as we both recognize what a profound impact sports had on us. And we also recognize that many families are not able to afford to pay for their kids to play. Every Kid Sports is very aligned with our philanthropic goals.”

MOGL is launching in four states that have passed laws allowing athletes to profit from their name, likeness and image, and will expand as other states follow suit.  Brandon expects for there to be a national mandate by August 1st, 2021. Every Kid Sports is thrilled to have MOGL as a partner with a shared mission in increasing access to youth sports and all the benefits that come with participation.

– The Every Kid Sports team