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What to do with a kid (or adult) who wants to improve her/his skills but doesn’t have access to high-quality coaching? In this digital age, there is plenty of content available, but SportsEdTV not only provides free access to video and blogs; the organization also provides a global community where athletes, parents, and coaches can interact, connect, chat, share content and find new friends. And during the pandemic, this type of engagement can keep kids learning new skills, strategies, and positive mindsets while they await the time when they can return to safe play.

Offering instruction in over thirty sports with millions of visitors per month, world-class athletes and coaches contribute videos as well as articles on a wide variety of topics including nutrition, mental toughness, sports injuries, and college recruiting tips. We spoke with Victor Bergonzoli, Chief Executive Officer of SportsEdTV, about their mission.

“We want SportsEdTV to become the leader in sports education, and we have three principles that we follow in order to reach this goal: Our video content is produced in cinematic quality, we choose extremely talented coaches and athletes that produce the content, access to the content will always remain free.”

Bergonzoli was a competitive weightlifter growing up in Switzerland and became a pioneer in the world of sports video analysis when he co-founded a company called Dartfish. Dartfish, originally geared towards swimming and skiing, soon was adopted by most of the major sports federations as well as Olympic athletes worldwide.

After 21 years with Dartfish, Victor decided it was time for a change this year, and became the CEO of SportsEdTV where he continues to help athletes improve at their favorite sports. A goal that Bergonzoli is passionate about is the company’s initiative to create a foundation that will fund in-person coaching for groups that have little access to coaching. Whether it’s a youth soccer team in Zimbabwe or a rural basketball team in the United States, Bergonzoli’s vision is that a team will apply for a coaching grant and the foundation will fund the travel expenses for the coach to visit and instruct the team.

Every Kid Sports is excited to share SportsEdTV with our community of Every Kid Sports Pass recipients. Kids and parents will both enjoy the content, whether it’s learning dribbling skills by Tim Hardaway or gaining better balance in taekwondo, there is something for everyone, and an opportunity for continued, lifelong learning.

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