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A tribute to Justice Ginsburg

A few weeks ago, we noticed some donations trickling in for the curious amount of $27.00, in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Over the next few days, we had more $27.00 donations and decided to investigate the source of this goodwill! We found out that a group of like-minded women, all attorneys, and all moms, were completing a 27-day fitness challenge to honor RBG and all she stood for. These women are part of the Law Mamas, a Facebook group of over 13K women, founded by Nina Goldberg as a resource for attorneys who also are moms; the group provides members the opportunity to network, ask advice, listen to educational live streaming events, and join in philanthropic activities.

Jordana Gilden, one of the group administrators, started the fitness challenge knowing that the members have varying degrees of fitness levels. She designed the workouts so that anyone could complete them. “All the workouts can be completed in a couple of minutes and are centered around “27,” the number of years that Justice Ginsberg served on the Supreme Court. So, the workouts might entail 27 reps, 27 seconds, etc. Jordana requested that a donation to Every Kid Sports be made by each member who decided to complete the challenge, as a shout out to RBG’s commitment to fitness. “My son and I had donated to Every Kid Sports before, and so I knew about the organization already. I know how I benefit from being active, and I firmly believe that sports provide developmental benefits to kids as well.” The Law Mamas’ philanthropic activity tends to be around children’s issues, and so Jordana thought that Every Kid Sports would be an ideal benefactor for the challenge.

Besides supporting Every Kid Sports, the group has also raised funds to provide college scholarships as well as a children’s defense fund for kids that need assistance with immigration issues. These women have shown the power of collective giving and how it can amplify impact; the donations we received from the Law Mamas will ensure that over 15 kids will receive the chance to play sports this coming year.

Thank you, Law Mamas, for your support of kids playing youth sports. Your concern and actions towards the well-being of children are inspiring and we are honored to have connected with you!

– The Every Kid Sports Team