sports equal…compassion.

Sports Equals Compassion: A young donor gives back

It’s pretty amazing when a kid goes out of their way to help another kid, and we were so thrilled when we received a large donation from a 13-year-old from Massachusetts that we decided to find out a little bit more about her!

Noa Brown began playing basketball at age eight. “Noa was so determined, so intense,” says her mom, Shira. “She has continued to play ever since.”

This summer, Noa turned 13 and reached a special milestone in her life, her Bat Mitzvah. As part of her celebration, Noa held a fundraiser centered around her love for sports.“I love working with a team, being social, and making friendships through playing sports. I want other kids to have that opportunity, too, and I know that not every kid is as fortunate as me.”  So, she got busy with her other hobby, sketching and painting.

Noa sold her paintings to friends and family through a private Instagram account and asked for donations in multiples of 18.  “In Jewish culture, the number 18 translates to ‘chai’ or ‘life.’ We asked for donations in multiples of $18 to honor this tradition.” The paintings were a hit and Noa ended up selling ten pieces of art, earning over $700 and donating all of the proceeds to Every Kid Sports!

“I love working with a team, being social, and making friendships through playing sports.”

We are inspired by Noa’s compassion and willingness to use her talents to help make sure every kid has a chance to play.  Thank you, Noa, for choosing Every Kid Sports as your beneficiary and your kindness.  We wish you luck with your dream of playing high school and college basketball, and congratulate you on reaching such a special milestone in your life!

– Every Kid Sports