Learn how your support can make playing youth sports possible for kids from income-restricted families.

If we had a dollar for every time we heard this statement, our 100,000 kid goal would be reached in a flash. Instead of a dollar, we’re providing you myriad opportunities to get involved. From donations to helping us make Every Kid Sports a household name, your contribution can be what’s most meaningful to you.

Here’s how:


One of the most immediate ways to make an impact is through a donation. For every dollar you donate, 85 cents goes directly towards a kid’s registration fees.

If you see yourself as a donator and this sounds good to you, you might consider a recurring donation. A $12.50 donation every month will get up to 3 kids playing sports. That’s like skipping one caramel latte mochachino a week and replacing it with a legit feel-good.

To learn more, visit our donations page! 

Contact Bryce if you have questions about fundraising.


Whether it’s for a bar mitzvah, a birthday, or supporting an event or epic personal “fundracing” endurance sports challenge, we’ve made it easy for you to fundraise through Every Kid Sports.

You set your goal, we’ll set up your fundraising page. Watch your donations roll in as you get kids in the game.

To learn more, visit our fundraising page! 

Contact Bryce if you have questions about fundraising.


We’ve put together a number of rewarding volunteer opportunities per your request. From amplifying our messaging through social media sharing, to helping us approve Every Kid Sports Passes, we’ll get you “in the game.” To learn more, check out our volunteer page!

Contact James if you have questions about volunteering.