Fundraise to make playing youth sports possible for kids
from income-restricted families.

There’s no better way to show your support for sport (or anything, really) than by raising awareness, using your social influence, and being the catalyst for positive impact through fundraising. You’re the connection between those that seek to give and those whom dream to play.

Here’s how:

Fundraise. Fund-race. Memorialize. Whichever mode of contribution, we’re here to support you in the direction that moves you.   

start fundraising

Set up a fundraiser.

To support your fundraising initiative, we’ve partnered with to make doing so, easy. Simply set up your campaign and share the link. It’s great for birthdays, fundraisers, earning Girl/Boy Scout badges, even friendly competitions.

Contact Bryce if you have questions about creating a fundraiser!

Fund-race your next epic accomplishment.

You like to challenge yourself by adding to those formative youth sports experiences that support your identity as an athlete. Amplify your activity by finishing that marathon, triathlon, ultra, whichever epic event moves you, by tying it to a really good cause.

Contact Bryce for your own “fundracing” page.


You’re an organization that exudes a culture of wellbeing, teamwork, and giving back to the community. Not much brings a group of people together more than a shared goal. And if that shared goal is tied to an experience–look out. ACTIVE Network wrote the playbook on how to do this. Check out this video, and then let’s talk about how to do this in your organization.

*Every Kid Sports was formerly KIDS in the GAME.

Event beneficiary.

Golf tournaments, corporate giving programs, community-focused fundraisers, whatever the event, a meaningful, relatable cause amplifies your ability to impact. Our ability to track the number of kids you’ve impacted, the sports they’re getting to play, and where they’re playing provides your attendees and participants a detailed view into the contribution they’ve made.

Contact Bryce for questions about making Every Kid Sports an event beneficiary.

We’ve included our suite of logos, below, to support your events!


How to fundraise.

Take a look at what Landon did. This is all you need to know to hold a successful fundraiser. His selflessness and the desire to do good are the playbook for his bigger-than-self behavior. Well played, Landon!    

How to corporate “fundrace.”

Our longtime supporter, The ACTIVE Network, has taken employee fundraising to another level. For over a decade, their ACTIVEx program engaged, enriched, and educated thousands to give to gift of activity, while getting active themselves. The video, below, captures a season of their “ACTIVEx Charity Challenge” in action.