Volunteer to make playing youth sports possible for kids from income-restricted families.

Looking for a special opportunity to get involved and make an impact? We have many. From social sharing to approving Every Kid Sports Pass applications, we’ll get you in the game.  

Here’s how.

One of our goals is to become the go-to resource for assistance with youth sports registration fees. To make this happen, people need to know about Every Kid Sports and the opportunity can we provide. Getting the word out is incredibly valuable for kids wishing to play sports.

Influence others with our social media.

Sharing our social posts to your circles widens the reach. This simple act can have a huge impact!

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LinkedIn = Every Kid Sports

For next-level supporting, we’ve created an Every Kids Sport support badge that you could post to promote play for all kids.


Spread the word in your community.

Our signature program, the Every Kid Sports Pass, specifically helps those families without the financial resources to afford youth sports. Neighborhood banks, barber and beauty shops, and other frequently visited businesses are great places to share the possibility for playing.We’ve provided you a flier for sharing with a family or a local business that you believe would help share the opportunity.Available in both English and Spanish.


Make introductions that add to the impact.

History has proven that impact is one introduction away. If you work within an organization that seeks to make a measurable impact in your community, we just might be the ideal partner. Your introduction just might be the start of a kid’s youth sports experience.

We’ve provided you a .pdf to support your introduction of Every Kid Sports to your organization. As well, you can always connect with Bryce and Michael!