Commitment to sports and family: The Workman’s story

A commitment to sports and family

At Every Kid Sports, we have the privilege of witnessing the transformative power of sports in the lives of families across the nation. One such inspiring story comes from Joseph Workman, a devoted father who, along with his wife Eryka, is raising six incredible children: Kamea (16), Alona (13), Leilani (8), Tahanna (7), Maui (5), and Tahvion (4).

A Family’s Commitment to Sports and Togetherness

The Workman family cherishes their time outdoors, where there’s more room for the children to play. For Joseph and Eryka, ensuring their kids have the opportunity to participate in sports is a top priority. Despite financial challenges and Joseph’s disability from a motorcycle accident, they are determined to keep their children active and engaged.
Joseph’s own childhood was filled with sports, thanks to his mother’s efforts to keep him occupied and out of trouble. Eryka, on the other hand, had to forgo sports to focus on academics and help her mother. This background fuels their passion for providing their children with opportunities they themselves didn’t have.

The Impact of Every Kid Sports

Thanks to the support from Every Kid Sports, the Workman children have been able to participate in various sports programs, an experience that has enriched their lives in numerous ways. Here’s a glimpse into how each child has benefitted:
Kamea, a high school sophomore, has been playing softball since middle school. With a strong academic record as an A & B student, she no longer needs assistance with registration fees, but the foundation laid by earlier support has been crucial.
Alona, a middle schooler, excels both academically as an A+ student and athletically in soccer. Playing for the past four years, she has developed confidence, competitiveness, and a deep understanding of teamwork.
Leilani and Tahanna, who are only six months apart, play on the same soccer team. Their bond as sisters and teammates has grown stronger over the past three years. 
Maui, now in his third season of soccer, displays remarkable enthusiasm and sportsmanship. His love for the game is evident as he eagerly awaits each match and shows continuous improvement.
Tahvion, born blind and with autism, inspires his family with his spirit. Joseph predicts that Tahvion might become a powerlifter one day!

The Broader Impact

The benefits of sports extend beyond the field for the Workman family. Joseph and Eryka have observed numerous positive changes in their children:
• Improved academic performance.
• Reduced screen time.
• Better health.
• Enhanced self-esteem and self-image.
Sports have not only kept the children physically active but also fostered their social skills and personal growth. Each child has their own dreams for the future, from joining the Navy to becoming a professional athlete, a zookeeper, or even a singer and actor.

Gratitude and Faith

The Workman family’s journey is a heartwarming example of resilience, faith, and community support. Joseph expresses deep gratitude for the role Every Kid Sports has played in their lives, helping them navigate financial challenges and ensuring their children thrive in sports.

“We love God and believe He always makes a way, and that’s what led us to this organization. We are truly blessed and grateful for everything. Thank you, and God bless.”

– Joseph Workman, dad


Join Us in Making a Difference

Stories like the Workman family’s remind us of the profound impact that access to sports can have on children and their families. At Every Kid Sports, we are committed to continuing this mission and reaching more families in need.
We invite you to join us in making a difference. Together, we can provide more children with the opportunity to experience the joy and benefits of sports, fostering a brighter future for all.

Do you believe in the transformative power of sports? Join our community of monthly donors to support more kids like the Workman kids, today.


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