Finding himself through soccer: Myles’ story

Finding himself through soccer: Myles’ story

Meet Myles, a 4-year-old from Powder Springs Georgia. When you ask Myles to introduce himself, he proudly says, “My name is Myles, and I play soccer.” Soccer is new to Myles and his family, but is already making big impacts on his life.
Myle’s mom, Shannon, is thrilled to see her son embrace this new sport. “I’m happy Myles loves it!” She shared. Soccer has brought more than just physical activity into Myles life, it’s been a gateway to new skills, better health, and a brighter self-image.
This season, Myles is most excited about learning new skills. Every practice and game is an opportunity for him to grow. His mom has already noticed changes in Myles’ behavior since he started playing. She shared that since he started playing he’s spent less time in front of screens, improved his physical health, and has a better self-image.
Looking ahead, Shannon dreams of Myles focusing on 1-2 sports and excelling in them. She also hopes that sports will help Myles manage his emotions better , especially in school. “I’m hoping sports will help him with self-control, focus, and working as a team,” she shared.

“My name is Myles and I play soccer!”

Myles J., age 4

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