Light-up-the-field-smile: Zanyiahs-story

A light-up-the-field smile: Zanyiah’s story

Meet 4-year-old Zanyiah, who recently took her first swing at T-ball. Zanyiah’s debut on the T-ball field was not just a milestone for her but a testament to the impact of Every Kid Sports in nurturing a love for sports.
Zanyiah’s mother, Chantelle, shares the experience of her daughter’s first T-ball game. “I am beyond thrilled to share that my daughter, Zanyiah, had her very first T-ball game last week, and it was an absolute triumph!” Chantelle expresses her gratitude to the Every Kid Sports Pass, highlighting how this program has been instrumental in enabling her children to participate in sports activities.
For Chantelle, a single mom with a deep commitment to keeping her kids active and engaged, Every Kid Sports has been a true lifesaver. The support provided by this program ensures that both of her children can pursue their sporting passions without financial barriers.

“Seeing her smile light up the field was a moment I’ll never forget!”

Chantelle, Zanyiah’s mom

Zanyiah’s T-ball debut was nothing short of spectacular. Not only did she have a blast, but she also showed incredible skill and determination, earning herself the coveted MVP medal! Seeing her smile light up the field was a moment I’ll never forget, and I’m so grateful to Kids Sports Pass for making it possible.

“Thank you, Kids Sports Pass, for giving my daughter the opportunity to shine and for helping me keep my kids active, happy, and healthy. Here’s to many more amazing moments on the field!”

As Zanyiah embarks on this exciting journey in T-ball, her dreams extend beyond the field. With aspirations of becoming a police officer in the future, she embodies the spirit of determination and ambition instilled by her early experiences in sports.

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