Brothers, united: Christian and Carlton

Brothers United: Christian and Carlton Shine on the Basketball Court Thanks to Every Kid Sports

In the heart of Albuquerque, New Mexico, two young brothers are lighting up the basketball court this season, all thanks to the support of Every Kid Sports. Christian and Carlton Jefferson, aged 10, are not just siblings; they are teammates bonded by their love for the game.
They experienced an all too familiar hurdle that many families face: the cost of keeping kids active and engaged in sports. Michelle, their mother, shared how before the Every Kid Sports Pass, she struggled to afford the expenses of both sons playing sports simultaneously. “I would regularly have to trade off seasons, only one child at a time,” she said. But now, with the support of Every Kid Sports, both Christian and Carlton have the opportunity to play together, fostering a bond that goes beyond the court.
For Michelle, seeing her sons embrace the camaraderie with their teammates is a blessing. She emphasized the importance of not leaving one child out, highlighting how the scholarship program has made it possible for both brothers to shine equally. “Having the opportunity to play sports is so important and rewarding,” Michelle expressed gratefully. “We appreciate being given a chance to shine!”

“Having the opportunity to play sports is so important and rewarding, we appreciate being given a chance to shine!”

Michelle, Christian and Carlton’s mom

As the season unfolds, Christian and Carlton are eagerly embracing every moment on the court. When asked what they are most excited about this season, Christian shared, “Learning new skills,” reflecting his passion for continuous improvement. On the other hand, Carlton dreams big, aspiring to play in the NFL one day.
Through sports, these brothers are not just learning new skills and dreaming big; they are also spending less time on screens, a positive change noted by their mother. Every Kid Sports is not just about providing financial assistance; it’s about creating opportunities for kids to thrive, stay active, and build lifelong values.

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