We’re leveling the paying field to playing youth sports.

Our national fundraising campaign, “We pay. Kids play.” is a commitment to closing the participation gap due to the rising cost of playing sports. Our intention is to ensure 100,000 kids from low-income families have an equal chance to play youth sports.

The solution to ensure every kid has the chance to play sports.

Our Every Kid Sports Pass is the solution to the problem, and we’re raising the necessary funds to offer it nationwide. The Every Kid Sports Pass is for all sports and enables families to apply for up to $150 to cover registration fees for recreational after-school sports, up to four times a year.

It will take everyone coming together to create the greatest sports comeback of all time – saving youth sports. One of the most powerful tools for helping kids reach their full potential and breaking down the barriers that create generational poverty is youth sports. Research shows that $1 invested in youth sports produces a 1000% return to society. It is perhaps the most diverse vehicle to help kids reach their full potential–socially, physically, and emotionally.

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After you’ve made your donation, make it known. The We pay. Kids play. badge honors all the kids that have been sidelined from paying sports. It symbolizes the growing support network that is bringing hope to hundreds of thousands kids hoping to get in the game.

When there’s a We, there’s a way.


Join the “We” in We pay. Kids play.

None of us are as transformative as all of us. That’s the meaning and motivation behind the We in We pay. Kids play.

Problem solving is better, together.

For some of us, the opportunity to play sports was always there. We benefited from it––we made friends, created memories, and started up a path of healthy bodies and behaviors that continue today.

Our National Fundraising Campaign is focused on providing equal opportunity for playing youth sports so all kids can experience the same positive benefits of playing. Cost can’t be a barrier to these important life experiences. Through partnerships, brands, foundations, and individual donors, We will make playing possible for thousands of kids across the country.

We partners receive easy access to shared resources for use on social media and email messaging, our campaign presentation deck, and supporting logos and information to help inform and inspire. We believe you’ll be moved by what you see, that what We are doing meets all of your social giving criteria, and that you’ll feel full of high-fives to give and receive. Together, WE can give every kid the chance to play sports.

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Joining the We? Here is a simple template to show your support. 

If you would like a custom link to track the donations your organization has generated for our organization, please contact Amanda Conde, otherwise you can link to donate.everykidsports.org/national-campaign.

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