Fun: The Rosenlund Kids

Fun. That’s it. That’s why.

This week, we’re excited to share a message we received from the Rosenlund kids and their affinity for fun through skiing. 

Sylbie, Titan, and Anna

Sylbie, 7: “I live in upper Michigan and we get lots of snow here! My favorite thing to do in the snow is downhill Skiing! In the future, I would just like to continue downhill skiing every winter and get better! I would also like to try snowboarding.”

Titan, 9: “My favorite thing to do in the winter is downhill skiing! I love skiing with my friends and hitting the jumps.”

Anna, 11: “I have been lucky to downhill ski since I was 4 and I love it! I also like to snowboard some. I love to meet my friends at the ski hill.”

Q: What are you three most excited for this season?
A: Having fun!


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