June is Youth Sports Equity Month. Its purpose is to address the current inequities in youth sports participation.

The Youth Sports Equity Goal

Today, only 22% of kids from income-restricted families are playing youth sports, with cost being the reason why.

This can have a dramatic impact on the developmental skills that level the playing field of a kid’s life. Youth Sports Equity Month seeks to ensure every kid is exposed to the prosocial behaviors learned through youth sports, the responsibility and commitment cultivated through their involvement, and the strengthening of their individual emotional leadership through playing. Let’s bring equity to the lives of 10,000 kids this June.



30 days

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Examples of the equity at play.

These are just a few of the developmental equities kids miss out on when kept out of youth sports.

We’re honored to be supported by Chuck Morris Ph.D., a sports scientist with a specialty in personal development, to help highlight the importance of playing. 

Development of prosocial behaviors.

Good social behavior must be presented clearly, through explanation and example. Then practiced often when dealing with classmates or equals and those in authority over us. Youth sports is a unique opportunity where this happens outside of sitting together around the dinner table, which currently happens less in this day and age.

Development of responsibility and commitment.

Taking ownership of our actions often does not feel good but is a critical part of maturing as a good human and a productive citizen in society. The simple task of showing up for practice prepared in every way and accepting the results when they are not is a foundational building block for responsibility and commitment.

Practicing of their emotional playbook.

The rollercoaster of emotions of pain, fatigue, anxiety, excitement, belonging, and even self-perceived loneliness is a significant part of the experience for youth in every practice and game. It mirrors life outside of sports in almost every way except in youth sports, it can be a safe place to learn and gain mastery of it all.

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We believe every kid deserves the chance to play sports, regardless of the cost. It’s hard to imagine not having experienced youth sports as a kid. Youth Sports Equity Month is your opportunity to give every kid an equal opportunity to create memories and experience the positive benefits of playing.

Empowering Youth Sports Equity Month is Every Kid Sports.  We’re a national 501c3 nonprofit that findsand facilitates the funding that helps kids from income-restricted families participate in youth sports. Since 2021, we’ve provided over 150,000 kids the chance to play.