We are removing financial barriers and getting more kids active because we believe
. . . every kid deserves the chance to play!

By helping kids from low-income families register for after-school sports, participate in physical activity at school, and increase opportunities to be active; we are inspiring kids, families, schools, and communities to live healthy and active lives together.

Kids are growing up inactive; without PE or after-school sports.

  • Kids need at least 60 minutes a day of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity.
  • They need options and opportunities available so they can find activity that’s engaging.

Why it’s important for them—and for the good of us all?

  • Being active equates to greater life-long physical health, improved academic performance, and improved emotional and mental well being.
  • It means reducing the high costs of youth misconduct and obesity.

Money is the biggest deciding factor.

  • Sports participation is lowest in households with low incomes.
  • “When it comes to paying for sports or getting dinner on the table, there’s just no question for low-income families.”                      – PE Teacher, Seattle Public Schools

KIDS in the GAME’s Mission

Increasingly high-cost of living, school budget cuts, excessive screen time and the professionalization/specialization of youth sports is pushing kids out of youth sports opportunities.

KIDS in the GAME’s aim is to inspire kids to thrive in life through sports by providing the resources that get and keep kids in the game.

We Pay! Kids Play!

When kids chose to incorporated activity, feel welcomed, and encouraged there are many benefits:

  • Decreased likelihood of smoking
  • Decreased risk of heart disease and diabetes
  • Improved weight control
  • Fewer incidents/psychological dysfunction
  • Higher Test Scores
  • Postsecondary Education
  • Earning a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Higher Income
  • Improved academic achievement

Let ‘Em Play

Early, positive experiences with sports lead toward lifelong physical and mental health.

Success in sports should focus on what kids want to take away from the experience.

We believe the future in youth sports is Sport Sampling, kids trying various sports and connecting to the activity/sport that creates a lifelong passion to be active. 

Our sponsors, donors, and partners are behind KIDS in the GAME’s mission that Every Kid Deserves A Chance To Play through our programs: 

  1. Pass Program *— We pay youth sports registration fees! When a kid qualifies for Free & Reduced Lunch, they qualify for The PASS. 
  2. AMPED – is a morning running program designed to get kids moving and prime their brains for learning. AMPED comes in ONE easy to pack, roll, and setup kit with 2 Bluetooth Speakers, Silicone necklaces and small and big charms. We provide supplies and support for 3 years!