The Pass from the Mountains in Arizona

The Pass by Nike keeping kids in the game during the government shutdown

Nike Brings The Pass to the Mountains of Arizona

In February 2019, Nike came to KIDS in the GAME to collaborate on how they could support the families impacted by the Government Shutdown. Immediately, we were all hands on deck with this opportunity to keep kids in the game. Within 48 hours we reinvented our flagship program, The Pass. We brought what was a small scale, single-city program into a national program. Through the support of Nike, we were able to connect with over 200 families in 24 states with 20 different sports, nationally. Ultimately, keeping their kids in the game during this hard time.

My boys are very active and are really enjoying middle school both in the academic and athletic worlds. This program could not have come at a better time to ease the pressure of paying their sports fees…This program [The Pass] allowed us to put our money into other household expenses and give them more opportunities to play some different sports… Our family truly appreciates this unexpected help. Not only for us but all families that may have not had the opportunity had this program not been available…Thank you so much from a family in the mountains of Arizona­čśÄ!!

We love hearing your stories about how sports and athletics have impacted you. KIDS in the GAME is honored to have been given this opportunity to collaborate with Nike. Nothing makes us run on all cylinders better than when we get to connect with our families and the kids being impacted by sports!

Help Make The Pass National!

Our quick-turn, national Pass program gives us an itch for more! We are focused on how we will bring The Pass to a national level; ultimately, making a national impact on youth sports participation. We know so many families, kids, are in need of this resource! Thus, if you are interested in helping KIDS in the GAME get The Pass running full time, on a national scale, we encourage you to continue: