sports equal…lessons in philanthropy

LaTarence Dunbar Bey, former NFL Player and NFL Alumni Ambassador is a philanthropist, coach and consultant, and our newest champion at Every Kid Sports. Using sport as a vehicle for his philanthropy, LaTarence wants to make sure that kids are learning not only an athletic skill, but business skills and philanthropy as well. “The truth is, most kids who aspire to become professional athletes are not going to make it. Or, if they do, they are going to need to have business skills once they retire from their sport. My programs offer coaching, education, and philanthropy so that these kids have options.”

LaTarence works primarily with two age groups: kids 17 and older and girls, aged 12-17. The kids that are 17 and older participate in what LaTarence calls an “earn and learn” opportunity by volunteering at stadium events to earn money for nonprofits. It could be their own nonprofit or one they have selected to support. LaTarence has contracted with all the major stadiums in the country to sell concessions and retail items, and he receives a portion of the proceeds.  Part of these proceeds is then donated to a nonprofit that the volunteers select. “It’s a great fundraising model and I have over 1,000 events each year that kids can be involved in.”  

For the younger age group, LaTarence has developed a comprehensive program that includes participation in his girls’ flag football league, Fierce Beauties. Besides learning football, the girls also receive education on nonprofit development and participate in international travel.

“The girls learn flag football, but they also learn how to create their own nonprofit, obtain an EIN and Dun and Bradstreet number, apply for a passport and take an international trip. This year, we are going to Puerto Rico and possibly the Caribbean Islands. I call it the Ambassatour Bowl; the girls will play flag at these destinations but they will also be learning so much more about nationalities, currencies, and social issues that other countries face.”  

Many of the girls participating in Fierce Beauties qualify for the Every Kid Sports Pass, and LaTarence fundraises to cover travel costs and other program expenses.  As a champion and an NFL Alumni Ambassador, LaTarence plans to engage other retired NFL players to help support Every Kid Sports.

“I believe in your model and plan to encourage other alumni to get involved.”

We look forward to collaborating with LaTarence and couldn’t be more thrilled to have him join us as a champion for youth sports.

– The Every Kid Sports team