AMPing up Pacific Northwest Schools

Schools in the Pacific Northwest are encouraged to apply for AMPED, our school-based running program!

Serving schools in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Northern California, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming!

AMPED is an innovative, physical activity program designed to provide access to consistent exercise in the education setting. AMPED provides a unique program model using fun, engaging incentives designed to engage elementary and middle school students and teachers to start and stay participants. AMPED is a turn-key system designed for schools to be easy to implement and low-cost to maintain.

AMPED: About It

An exercise program designed to get kids moving & prime brains for learning.

Kids are encouraged to run/walk/dance for ~ 20 – 45 minutes

Open to ALL students, regardless of age or ability

Moving & grooving to music while racking up miles & being active with peers

Incentives for laps earned & daily participation.

AMPED ZONE! = designated section in your course to practice fundamental movements, techniques, or interpretive movements. 

Encourages community engagement: invite your students’ parents, siblings, and grandparents to join, get your teachers & staff active, and create challenges, games, competitions. AMP up everyone’s day!

Your AMPED Tool Kit includes...

2 blue-tooth pairing, cordless, waterproof, and rechargable speakers

Cones & measuring rope for
“AMPED zone”

supplied for 3 Years!

supplied for 3 Years!

1 banner

Silicone lap tracking bands;
supplied for 3 Years!

Silicon AMPED
Charm Necklace;
supplied for 3 Years!

1 AMPED charm
Carrying Case

1 heavy-duty AMPED-program mobile
storage case

Leading electronic tracking and online
reporting system

Julia Pritt (July 9, 1932 – April 3, 2010)
Julia Pritt was a Seattle area philanthropist and co-founder of Attachmate, one of the most successful privately held software companies in the history of Washington State.

Julia Started her early philanthropic activities by volunteering her time in Plano and Seattle with organizations like YES (Youth Eastside Services) and then, after retirement, started her own non-profit, WWIN (Washington Women in Need). Since 1990 the organization’s full time staff has provided over $10 million in financial aid to more than 4000 low income women with a focus unique to women needs.

Among the extraordinary gifts Julia founded Julia’s Place (a homeless family shelter in the Madrona neighborhood) and Washington Women in Need and donated land for a beautiful Issaquah park. The Julia Pritt House, a shelter for homeless in Issaquah, was named in her honor.

Even though Julia was a very accomplished business woman and philanthropist, her true passion was her family.

Her generosity and her heart guided everything she did and today the Julia Love Pritt Foundation is continuing its commitment to women, homelessness, and impact the health and wellness with at risk kids by helping them lead a more active lifestyle through physical education and youth sports experiences.