ACTIVEKids Drill of the Week

At KIDS in the GAME, we flock to anything that involves getting kids active and moving.  That is why we love the new Drill of the Week Series on the site.  ACTIVEkids is a page on, the go to place for anything and everything active.  

As the largest activity site for kids on the planet, ACTIVEkids includes a massive database where one can find any type of youth activity they desire in their given geographical area.  It also offers amazing advice on fun ways to get your child involved in sports and activities, outlines the benefits of youth, exercise, provides tips on certain sport techniques, gives family outing ideas, and much much more.  This helpful platform is dedicated to youth health and wellness, which is exactly in line with our mission here at KIDS in the GAME.

On ACTIVEkids, the new Drill of the Week series provides individual and team drills for parents and coaches to help kids improve at the sports they love.  The drills are explained in an easy to follow manner and are accompanied by visuals and a video, along with key teaching points.  This simple tool gives parents and coaches access to quick tips and ideas on how to get their kids moving while also having fun and building necessary cooperation and teamwork skills.

Each week a new drill will be posted, covering a range of sports and activities so that kids interested in all types of sports and activities can benefit from this series.  Drills are sourced from the Drillbook, a revolutionary new platform and mobile app that provides multiple sport player development via fun and engaging games/drills/activities for kids to master critical sports skills and tactics.  Kids in the Game will be regularly posting via social media with links to the Drill of the Week series so you can easily check out what is being offered!  

Be sure to check in and see what there is to learn for this week.