Active Network will help amplify 8 schools in Dallas, TX and Atlanta, GA through their 12th ACTIVEx Charity Challenge.



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Active Network will help amplify 8 schools in Dallas, TX and Atlanta, GA through their 12th ACTIVEx Charity Challenge.

Bend, OR – August 7, 2019 – ACTIVE Network is kicking off the 12th year of its Employee Engagement ACTIVEx Charity Challenge, or AxCC for short, with 100% of the proceeds benefitting KIDS in the GAME. AxCC is ACTIVE’s long-standing premier employee engagement initiative, rooted in teamwork, camaraderie, and accomplishing something extraordinary all in the name of making the world a more active place.

Through its commitment to serving the communities where Its employees live and work, Active Network has partnered with KIDS in the GAME to help eight schools in Dallas, TX, and Atlanta, GA increase the amount of physical activity for all their students. AMPED is an engaging, school-based running program with powerful incentives to get kids moving.

The AMPED program includes:

(1)   two Bluetooth sound systems so the students can move and groove to music while they run

(2) incentive awards to encourage the students to run every day

(3) an online lap tracking and award tracking system to monitor their progress and awards earned

(4) lap tracking bands to track laps and everything needed to easily run the program

Each school that uses AMPED will receive supplies to run the program for three years, at no cost to the school.

Interested schools can apply to participate In the AMPED program here:

Schools are encouraged to apply early, as AMPED will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. AMPED has proven to be very popular among students, with a highly successful track record at participating schools.

“The upbeat music that is played while the students earn their tokens while running the track is an outstanding motivator,” said P.E. teacher Terri Pitts, M.ED., M.S., of Colonial Hills Elementary School (San Antonio, Texas). “The kids also love the necklaces and charms.  It really pushes them to do another lap. The combination of all these motivators has been beneficial to our campus. We increased our VO2 Max.  Also, our BMI improved during our Fitnessgram on our campus.”

“KIDS in the GAME has been an amazing partner for ACTIVE Network,” stated Active Network Charity Challenge Lead & Employee Engagement Program Manager Kristen Sudela. “As a company, our mission is to make the world a more active place, so increasing the physical activity at schools is in perfect alignment with our mission. AxCC isn’t about how fast you can cross the finish line, or even how you get there. It’s about pushing oneself — and our team — to discover what we’re really made of, all in the name of helping underserved kids get active while getting ourselves active too. When kids start their day with physical activity, they do better at school and they learn to love how it feels to be active. That’s a priority to each of us, both inside and outside the walls of ACTIVE Network.”

There is a huge need for AMPED, as only 24% of kids are considered “active” based on the CDC standards of 60-minutes of physical activity a day. With the median budget for physical education programs throughout the U.S. at only $768 per year for an entire school, it is estimated that more than 40,000 schools throughout the U.S. are in need of help.

“This is our 7th year working with Active Network to get more kids moving and their consistent support has made a tremendous difference to our organization,” stated Natalie Hummel, Executive Director and Co-Founder of KIDS in the GAME. “We are thrilled to be bringing AMPED to eight more schools this year and want to encourage schools to apply for this amazing opportunity to get AMPED for free for three years.”

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