AMPED gets kids moving and primes their brains for learning.

PHIT America is offering a well-designed, highly-engaging, easy-to-implement running program for the elementary school setting. Free to schools through the funding of generous donations from corporate partners and foundations, AMPED will certainly amplify the physical activity and social connection of students, teachers, and parents.


Is your school in session, do you need help getting and keeping your students moving?

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What is AMPED?

Running program designed to get kids moving & prime brains for learning.

Run or walk your way to 20 – 45 minutes of daily exercise

Open to ALL students, regardless of age or ability

Running/walking to music with peers

Incentives for laps earned & daily participation.

AMPED ZONE! = designated zone in your course to go ALL OUT!

Encourages community engagement:
– invite your students’ parents, siblings, and grandparents to join
– Get your teachers & staff active
– Create challenges, games, competitions 

– AMP up everyone’s day!



Opportunity to be active. 

Amplifies the brain to be focused

Get out early morning energy

Fun, safe space to be active and social

Students determine their own goals

Promotes challenge by choice

Positive incentives included

Foundation for a sound mind and body.

Engage your community & build relationships between families & faculty.

H.S. Track/Cross Country teams & coaches can participate, mentor, and answer questions about running.

AMPED aligns with CDC standards

What’s Included?

We’ve partnered with EZScan to provide you the best-in-class lap tracking technology. It’s simple set-up and use is an endorphin-release in itself!

Bluetooth, H2O-proof, & rechargeable speakers

1 Durable AMPED mobile storage case;
fits your entire AMPED Kit

Both large (2 colors) and small (5 colors) AMPED charms; supplied for three years of AMPED programming!

An indoor/outdoor AMPED banner

Stretchy-silicon AMPED charm necklace; supplied for 3 Years!

Four AMPED cones for defining your AMPED Zone

1 organization case for charms and necklaces