Every Kid Sports Pass recipients who amplify the opportunity to play youth sports. 

The Every Kid Sports all-stars are kids and families that share their Every Kid Sports Pass experience with us through testimonials, videos and photos. Their messages let other families know of the opportunities that await them through working with us.

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Meet our May 2022 all-stars. 


“I like playing flag football because I’ve made a lot of new friends that are all like extra brothers and sisters. We always help each other and work together as a team. I love being a part of such a great team with the coolest coaches that have taught me a lot.”

Balonis Family

“Being able to qualify for such an amazing program has allowed my children to follow their dreams! The biggest blessing is seeing our children so happy. They always have baseball to look forward to. I believe my children benefit from baseball because they have increased confidence, and reduced stress and it helps build them into leaders.”


“I love playing football and doing flag football gives me the chance to do that. Having great coaches and teammates makes me want to play all day every day. I really hope to be able to play the game forever!”


“Cayden learned you should have FUN no matter whether you win or lose!”


“I just started playing soccer and I like it because it’s easy to make friends! I like passing and all of my coaches are really nice and really fun!”


“I’ve built a bond and a brotherhood with my teammates. Flag football gives me a chance to play a sport all year round. And I love hearing my mom and siblings cheering me on – that really makes my day!” 


“Victoria has learned hard work, perseverance, and a good attitude! There was no one in her age and weight class for the first five years she trained, but she’s finally getting to fight and I’m one proud momma!”

Meet our April 2022 all-stars. 


“Brinley loves the new friends she is making, learning how to play on a team and what that means. She also really enjoys when they are able to learn cool new tricks. Learning about the opportunity to get some financial help is amazing! We have them in several other activities and the funds add up so fast!”


“I want to be the athlete my mom was. She was a great swimmer that represented Puerto Rico and I want to be a great baseball player. I have learned that baseball is a sport of teamwork and trust. Trusting teammates is very important to our team’s success!”


“I like playing flag football because I like learning new things and I get to play with my friends. I also like being the only girl on her team!” 


“I started boxing when I was seven years old, and started competing when I was eight. I love when people are rooting for me! I feel like I’m something important when I’m in the ring. Boxing has helped me have control of myself and has changed me in so many ways!”


Teagan loves just being able to get out there & run & kick the ball, making new friends, and making goals!


“I love to play football because I love to be active. I love the adrenaline rush it gives me. Most importantly, playing football keeps me busy, I can’t wait to play in high school, college, and finally in the NFL!”

Meet our March 2022 all-stars. 


“Adalynn is moving up to the varsity team, and she was very nervous about joining a new group with older girls and doubted herself and her abilities, but she quickly went back into the team player mode and wanted to both learn the task at hand but help those that didn’t get it as quickly.”


“I joined the sport of boxing because I wanted to try a different sport. I was the first girl to start competing in my gym. The sport as a girl has been tough because you spar against boys. But when you are in the ring, none of that matters because you show them what you got. That’s why I love boxing!”


“Boxing has helped me in many ways. The sport has helped me with self-confidence and my self-control. Boxing has taught me to respect others and myself. It has also made me better as a person, as a student, and as a boxer. I have boosted my endurance and strength. It has been one of the best things I have been doing!”

Mercy, David, and Precious

“Our three kids are grateful to receive assistance from Every Kid Sports! They are happy to follow their dreams in their favorite sports. Thank you for helping us improve in swimming, dance, soccer and track! Swimming is great and the children embrace it as a big time event! We have discussed as a family, how learning to swim is important for safety and a lifelong important skill.”

Meet our February 2022 all-stars. 


“One of the things that I love about soccer is that it’s a fun sport! My teammates and I laugh a lot together. I also love showing newer people the sport – different ways to control, kick or shoot a goal with the soccer ball. I also love soccer because it keeps me entertained and keeps me out of trouble. What I learned from soccer is that it’s not about the competition of who has the most points when the buzzer sounds. It’s about sportsmanship, teamwork, dedication, and most of all it’s a lot of fun.”


“Ryllen loves football and baseball, but baseball is his favorite. He enjoys getting people out and hitting home runs.”


“I will forever be grateful to the Every Kid Sports Pass, because it allowed my kiddos who had never been able to participate in sports to be active in different sports as well as allowed them to make a ton of new friends.”

Meet our January 2022 all-stars. 


“I like chasing after the puck and ice skating. I love everything about hockey. Being on the team we all get to work together to win! I’ve gotten so many friends from hockey that makes my heart happy.”


“I love dancing because I get to use everything I got and leave it on the floor. Most of all, I get to be with friends!”

Reagan & Ryle

“Rylee and Raegan love the exhilarating feeling of gliding across the ice, learning new skills and working with amazing coaches. And let’s face it, living in the heat of Arizona and having ice skating classes is rewarding in itself!”

Meet our 2021 all-stars.